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As an AllCity Public Adjuster we work with commercial businesses and industries during large fire or water losses, fighting against the insurance company, representing you and getting you more out of your loss. We see 200% - 830% increases in our commercial fire loss adjusting.


As an AllCity Public Adjuster we have helped home owners with roofing claims, water damage / basement floods, and kitchen fires. We know how difficult it can be to lose your belonging and your home. We'll help you fight for every item and get you the maximum claim settlement to ensure you can replace your belongings and have the right valuation to rebuild a new home.


As an AllCity Public Adjuster we know how devastating natural disasters can be. That is why we have teams that work around the nation to assist with natural disaster relief efforts. If you have suffered a loss due to a natural disaster with have patient and passionate staff ready to help you.


AllCity Public Adjuster Works With You Against The Insurance
To Get You More Money, By Not Settling For Less

List of Companies With Whom We Engage, Dispute, Wrangle, and Win

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Get a Quality Team Of Public Adjusters

With over 15 years of experience and over $75,000,000 in recovered claims we can help you get more out of your insurance policy. For you and by hard work we force insurance companies to recognize the facts.

When insurance sends out incompetent adjusters with low ball rates, we present strong counterfactual claims that force insurances companies to change their claims value and recognize your legitimate loss.

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As Public Adjusters
We Provide A Team Of Experts
With An Extensive Service and Support team Your Claim Will Settle fast
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Allcity public adjusters is a family owned claims company with 5 decades of combined adjusting experience.  If there’s one thing we understand, it's that you need 100% of your claim value.

Insurance companies under value your claim 8 out of 10 times on average.  They higher expensive adjusters to ensure they maintain a strong profit margin.  They have experienced actuaries that create insurance agency guidelines that help their team of agents challenge your insurance claim validity and value.  You have already gone through a tumultuous event. We understand you pain and will make them pay.

At AllCity Public Adjusting we work to ensure you get 100% of your claim value. How do we do this? As well as over 50 years of combined adjusting experience, we know insurance companies and understand where they cut corners.  That is why, we help you build a larger claim, maximize your claim value, and get you back to normal fast.  Don't get fooled, get the company that can get you more.

Why We’re The Best Public Adjusters:

As an AllCity Public Adjusterwe are one of the only multi-lingual public adjuster companies that will handle the entire claim process from start to finish. We won’t charge you a penny until we’ve successfully increased your initial insurance claim. We typically see a 70% to a 150% increase in total claim adjusting. But have seen them go as high as 840%.

There is so much to do, so let us be your advocate so we can make big insurance companies honor your policy by giving you 100% of your claim value today. You are not alone, as we are standing by to help you

Thank you for considering AllCity Adjusting.

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First and Foremost, when it comes to your claim, we care for PEOPLE first and PROPERTIES second. That is why regardless of your public adjuster service area we will find you a new location. Most importantly, please stay patient and positive. This is because insurance companies like to delay the process. However, don't worry. We know how to leverage our years of experience. Consequently, we'll to get you into a new home or business location quickly. In short, At All City Public Adjusting - We Focus On You!


Granted you are in your temporary space, now our estimators will go to work. Indeed, they will outline a full list of categorical elements of your property or home. Next, this information gets disseminated to our team members to speed up your public adjusting process. Unlike other companies that delay their start time, our estimators get to work right away on each room from left to right and catalogue everything with photos and video. Ultimately, this speeds up the estimating process.

Legal Assistance

In general the first step in attacking your project is to get a clear understanding of your insurance policy. Our legal team focuses on outlining the maximum benefit we can achieve. With this in mind they will begin your policy read through. Next, they will coordinate all communication between your insurance company and our project team leaders. Finally, they will generate a report for our internal use in structuring your claim.


At the same time as our legal team is working with you our engineers are hard at work. In other words they are busy working on structural plans for rebuilding. Secondly, they are working with our estimates and forensic accountants to maximize claim value. Of consequence too is their work at drawing up architectural plans and engineering documents. In brief, they are the reconstruction support staff that keep our public adjusters at All City on track and on budget.


On balance, while our engineers are working our forensic teams are sifting through debris. In essence their job is to structure a fire, water, or disaster loss that is favorable to you. In the background, our forensic analysis team is working hard to find current value and depreciation for all items. Most importantly, their expertise, experience, and know how makes them indispensable to all our public adjuster service areas. Definitely, it's our forensic audit team that help speed up the process and get the numbers right.


For the most part content storage is like it sounds? Chiefly it includes getting your items into storage. Most important to note, is that in all our AllCity public adjuster service areas we treat your personal items with care. That is why we store restorable items in one location and unsalvageable items in another. Indeed, the categorization of these items is essential to maximizing your claim value. Conversely, we understand many of your items are irreplaceable. That is why where at all possible we try to restore items that are sentimental and personal in nature.


Whether you are in Illinois or Ohio we take pride in serving all our public adjuster service areas. We answer our phones 24 hours a day 7 days a week because we understand that your life was just turned upside down. We will be your source or through point for all communication with the insurance company and our on the ground teams. 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Ever public adjuster service area is different, but one this is not; we we GET YOU MORE than the competition. This is because we have an extensive team supporting our process to help keep your project at the tip of the spear and forefront of the insurance agents mind each day. At the end - we will hand you a check for up to 100% - 800% more than the insurance company offered your initially. This is our promise, so DON'T SETTLE - GET MORE!

AllCity Public Adjusters Techniques Are Tried And Tested And Work.

Get the most out of your insurance policy. Stop loosing.

Here what we found when we surveied 100 client offers.

  1. Insurance companies under offered 8/10 times
  2. Construction companies were taking 40% of the claim value.
  3. Customers were not getting the most out of their insurance policies value.

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