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Every insurance public adjuster has a hidden agenda. The reasons for this agenda is to limit the financial loss of the insurance company. At AllCity we get you more than the competition. This is because we have an extensive team supporting our process to help keep your project at the tip of the spear and forefront of the insurance agents mind each day. At the end – we will hand you a check for up to 100% – 800% more than the insurance company offered your initially. This is our promise, so DON’T SETTLE – GET MORE!


Whether you are in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Wisconsin, etc, we take pride in serving all our public adjuster service areas. Because we take pride in our work we answer our phones 24 hours a day 7 days a week. That is why, we will be your source or through point for all communication with the insurance company and our on the ground teams. As a result, you can expect a100% satisfaction guarantee and a max claim settlement.


In all our public adjuster service areas we treat your personal items with care. That is why we store restorable items in one location and unsalvageable items in another. The categorization of these items is essential to maximizing your claim value. Where at all possible we try to restore items that are sentimental and personal in nature.


When you suffer a terrible fire and much of your home, business, or rental is unrecognizable you need experts that can sift through the debris. More importantly, you need someone that can structure a fire loss that is favorable to you and not the insurance company. Moreover, our forensic analysis team looks at current value and depreciation of each item individually. That is why our teams expertise, experience, and know how makes them indispensable to all our public adjuster service areas.


First and foremost, our engineers help us draw up structural plans to rebuild. Also, they work with our estimators and forensic accountants to maximize claim values. Third, our engineers draw up architectural plans and engineering documentation to get work approved more quickly. They are the reconstruction support staff that keep our public adjusters at All City on track, on time, and on budget.

Legal Assistance

The first step in attacking your project is to get a clear understanding of your insurance policy. Secondly, our legal team focuses on outlining the maximum benefit we can achieve through your policy read through. And lastly, they coordinate communication between your insurance company and our project team leaders.


During your relocation into your temporary space our estimators will go to work to outline a full list of categorical elements of your property or home. This information gets disseminated to our team members to speed up your public adjusting process. In estimating we work on each room from left to right and catalouge everything with photos and video.


First and foremost, when it comes to your claim you need the best Chicago Public Adjuster. In addition to being the best, we care for PEOPLE first and PROPERTIES second. Regardless of what Chicago public adjuster service area you are from will find you a new location from which to work or live while we work on your claim and rebuild your home, business, or rental. At All City – We Focus On You!

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Chicago Public Adjusters

As a Chicago Public Adjuster we help homeowners, commercial business owners, and industrial businesses with their insurance claims process for catastrophes like Fire Damage, Smoke Damage, Wind & Hail Damage, Water Damage, Hurricane Damage, Flood Damage, Vandalism Damage, Earthquake Damage, Frozen Pipes Damage, Business Interruption, Contents and Stock Loss.

Insurance Companies Undervalue Claims All The Time? Our Chicago Public Adjusters Can Stop Them.

If you have suffered damages and your insurance company is making it difficult to collect your money you are not alone. What the insurance company doesn’t tell you is that you have an obligation after your loss. This can be a lot of work for most people, especially if you have to work a regular job, run a business or manage a corporation and don’t know the insurance claims process. Those obligation range from filing a proof of loss to mitigate the loss. You probably never heard of at least one of those and there is a list of them.

Insurance Companies Have a Team That Works For Them. Let Our Chicago Public Adjusters Take Your Side.

The insurance company is going to assign an insurance adjuster to your claim. Their job is to work on behalf of the insurance company to limit the insurance companies’ losses. If you think the adjuster assigned by the Insurance Company is going to look out for you, then think twice. He is hired and paid for by the insurance company. How can the person representing the insurance company also represent you and look in the best interest of you the insured… Think about that?? It’s a conflict of interest. Yet this happens every day and everyday thousands of people get underpaid and denied by letting the insurance handle their claims.

How They Undervalue Your Claim

The do this by setting low reserves, writing quick and inaccurate estimates, denying claims, and delaying the process.

We Help People Whose Claims Have Been Undervalued

It’s no wonder why on average, we have found that they undervalue claims by more than 50% – 500%. Most of our clients come to us after they have had to deal with the mounting paperwork and the fact that the insurance claims adjusters offer won’t cover all the damages or they are denied entirely. You see most of the times the insurance company is out of sync with the construction industry. They offer less per hour then contractors will accept or misapply internal estimating codes that devalue your claim/property loss. This can cause prices to dramatically drop, resulting in financial shortfalls. Some of this is due to inexpierienced adjusters, not enough training and to much work volume. Whatever the case may be it should not come at the expense of the insured. The only one hurt through this process is always the insured.

Experience Is Everything In Maximizing Your Claim.

Unless you are experienced or want to pay for expensive softwares like Xactimate you are going to have a hard time understanding how insurance agents create their estimates; and how you can modify them to get more out of your claim. Since, insurance companies have their own team, shouldn’t you? That is why if your contractors are saying that your insurance claims check can’t cover the total cost of your project, they are probably right. If you think your claim is undervalued AllCity Adjusting can help. We are a licensed, and bonded Chicago Public Adjuster and have helped thousands of families and businesses get on their feet quickly. Most of our customers see a 100% – 500% more on their claims. If we can’t help you the consultation is free. We believe in supporting small business and families, let Andy take your call personally and help you.

At All City Adjusting we are Chicago Public Adjusters that mean business. We are independent insurance professionals that will help you, the policyholder, settle an insurance claim.

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FAQ: Chicago Public Adjusters

Do You Need a Chicago Public Adjuster?

Yes every single time. You should have a local Chicago public adjuster evaluate each claim. Some small claims won’t require the need of a Chicago Public Adjuster but you should still have one evaluate the damage. Its free! You are never charged a penny at AllCity Adjusting till we settle a claim and reach a settlement. So don’t think twice call AllCity Adjusting for a free evaluation of your damage. The insurance company will have their own adjuster that works for them…DO NOT BE UNDER THE IMPRESSION that the insurance adjuster is their for YOU! He works for the insurance company and that’s who pays him to minimize the claim. AllCity Adjusters work only for you and only get paid by what they recover.

What Kind Of Claim Losses Do We Work On ?

How can a Chicago Public Adjuster help you with your loss:

As a Chicago Public Adjuster we specialize in claims from Fire Damage, Smoke Damage, Wind & Hail Damage, Water Damage, Hurricane Damage, Flood Damage, Vandalism Damage, Earthquake Damage, Frozen Pipes Damage, Business Interruption, Contents and Stock Loss.

Even if you are not sure if your loss is covered you should give us a call and will evaluate the loss for free.

Who Usually Utilizes Our Services?

Anyone that has suffered a loss and filled or is about to file a claim. Our clients range from homeowners, investors, landlords, business owners, etc.. Every day we have clients that call us from different areas with different claims and each time the claim is different. No two claims are ever the same. This is why it is so important that no matter the claim or loss you contact a Chicago public adjuster.

When should I hire a Chicago Public Adjuster?

ASAP!!! This is not a joke. You are up against billion dollar companies that underpay and deny claims every day. As, an AllCity Adjusting client you will have the best team working for you 24hrs a day to get you the max settlement. Most people wait to call us after they have been denied or underpaid and sometimes its too late. Don’t make the mistake of waiting and loosing out on Money that was owed to you.

What Can You Expect When You Hire Us?

At AllCity Adjusting we work as a private professional Chicago Public Adjuster. We work to get you the max claim settlement. As our slogan points out “Don’t Settle, Get More”

We Will

  • Help you relocate your family or business.
  • Review and estimate your project to discover what the insurance adjusted have missed.
  • Catalogue your entire loss through photos, receipts, and evidence based investigation.
  • Handle all your claims process including legal documentation, filing, reporting, and communication exchanges. you will have 24/7 access to our staff.
  • Work with our engineers to get a construction quote for your project and put it out to bid.
  • Work with mitigation companies to help expedite your claim and make sure you perform your duties after a loss
  • Get you a HUGE check and get you paid as soon as possible.
  • Always provide you with a one stop shop for all your information sources to assist in your claims recovery process.
How We Fight For You and Make It Easy?

AllCity Adjusting is a certified, licensed, and bonded Chicago Public Adjuster and has helped thousands of families and businesses get on their feet quickly. To clarify, consider the fact that most of our customers see 100% – 500% more on their claims. Furthermore, proof of our success is featured in our free consultation policy. If we can’t help you, our consultation is free. In short, we believe in helping small businesses and families fight against the insurance giants.

We take pride in helping people and knowing that our clients always get more is what we love to do. It is easy as a Chicago Public Adjuster to adjust claims when you love doing what is morally right.

Admittedly we believe we are the best. But the “proof is in the pudding,” as they say. So give us a chance. Overall we will move quickly by reviewing your claim, starting your process, cataloging, estimating, forensic analysis, relocating you to a safe place, and more. Finally, never forget our 50+ years of combined experience that will help you get back on your feet quickly.

Why You Don't Pay Unless We Get You More?

Most of our customers see a 100% – 500% more on their claims. It easy to charge for service you don’t perform. Not many companies or business carry a model of charging for service only when performed to 100% satisfaction. Though, this is what AllCity Adjusting has done as a Chicago Public Adjuster. Our fee is based on a contingency of what we recover for YOU. This is why we take pride on having a success rate of over 90% on our claims.
Imagine going to McDonald’s and eating a bigmac but not having to pay for it till you are satisfied…that’s how our service are.

What Are The Cost For Our Services?

Because we usually see 100% – 500% more on our customer claims we charge anywhere between 10% to 30% of the claim payout.

Our 10% to 30% fee is determined by the size, nature and how complex the claim is. We figure all this during our free claim consultation. Our goal is that no matter what the Fee is your bottom dollar seen an increase way over our minimal fee. Our work is extensive and we will get your more. If we can’t our services are free.

REMEMBER… you do not pay anything out of pocket. The fee is paid our of the total settlement claim payout.

Does your Chicago Public Adjuster have to be Licensed?

Most states require for you Public Adjuster to be Licensed. Illinois does license Public Adjusters so anyone that is representing you without a license is performing illegal work. AllCity Adjusting and all of its Chicago Public Adjuster are Licensed in the State of Illinois.

Should You Make Your Own Insurance Claim Repairs?

Let’s say you had a small fire in your home. Faulty electrical wiring caused the fire. Of course, someone will have to tear down parts of the wall where the fire started. Then someone will have to hang new sheetrock and paint it. You’re pretty handy around the house. You’re thinking, should you make your own insurance claim repairs? Is there any way to get your insurance claim check faster?

What Are Some Common Business Insurance Claims?

Certainly, almost all businesses, from large corporations to mom-and-pop stores, will probably face some type of accident or incident that will become an insurance claim. Below we will discuss some common business insurance claims that businesses across the country must confront.Is there any way to get your insurance claim check faster?

How Does Home Repair Insurance Work?

How Does Home Repair Insurance Work?

Homeowners’ insurance will cover damage from unexpected and sudden perils, like hurricanes, fires, and hail. However, it excludes insurance coverages if the damage stems from everyday use and wear and tear to appliances, HVAC systems, etc. Therefore, if you feel you need insurance coverage for those items, you need to know the answer to the question: how does home repair insurance work?

How to File a Roofing Insurance Claim

How to File a Roofing Insurance Claim

Your roof is the primary protection for your home from the elements. Of course, the wind is probably the most dangerous element to your roof. However, roofs also get damaged by falling trees, electrical poles and wires, hail, and heavy snow. If a storm or some other unexpected event damages your roof, you will have to know how to file a roofing insurance claim.

How to Get Flood Insurance

How to Get Flood Insurance

Homeowners’ insurance protects homes from damages caused by fire, hurricanes, windstorms, and other natural disasters. However, standard homeowners’ insurance does not cover damages caused by floods. Consequently, homeowners and renters who live in a high-risk zone for flooding need to know how to get flood insurance.

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