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Ever public adjuster service area is different, but one this is not; we we GET YOU MORE than the competition. This is because we have an extensive team supporting our process to help keep your project at the tip of the spear and forefront of the insurance agents mind each day. At the end – we will hand you a check for up to 100% – 800% more than the insurance company offered your initially. This is our promise, so DON’T SETTLE – GET MORE!

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Whether you are in Illinois or Ohio we take pride in serving all our public adjuster service areas. We answer our phones 24 hours a day 7 days a week because we understand that your life was just turned upside down. We will be your source or through point for all communication with the insurance company and our on the ground teams. 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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In all our public adjuster service areas we treat your personal items with care. Storing restorable items in one location and unsalvageable items in another. The categorization of these items is essential to maximizing your claim value. Where at all possible we try to restore items that are sentimental and personal in nature.

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When you suffer a terrible fire and much of your home, business, or rental is unrecognizable you need experts that can sift through the debris and structure a fire loss that is favorable to you. Our forensic analysis team looks at current value and depreciation. Their expertise, experience, and know how makes them indispensable to all our public adjuster service areas.

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Our engineers help us draw up structural plans for rebuild, work with our estimates and forensic accountants to maximize claim value. They draw up architectural plans and engineering documents. They are the reconstruction support staff that keep our public adjusters at All City on track and on budget.

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Legal Assistance

The first step in attacking your project is to get a clear understanding of your insurance policy. Our legal team focuses on outlining the maximum benefit we can achieve through your policy read through, and coordinates communication between your insurance company and our project team leaders.

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During your relocation into your temporary space our estimators will go to work to outline a full list of categorical elements of your property or home. This information gets disseminated to our team members to speed up your public adjusting process. In estimating we work on each room from left to right and catalouge everything with photos and video.

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First and Foremost, when it comes to your claim, we care for PEOPLE first and PROPERTIES second. Regardless of what public adjuster service area you are from will find you a new location from which to work or live while we work on your claim and rebuild your home, business, or rental. At All City – We Focus On You!

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