Written by Andy Gurczak

August 10, 2022

Commercial Storm Damage Restoration

Commercial Storm Damage Restoration

When natural disasters, such as hurricanes, tornadoes or blizzards, damage your business, the aftermath can be overwhelming for you. You could face any combination of secondary issues like damage to the structure of your warehouse, water damage, mold growth and/or disruption of your every-day operations. However, foremost in your mind will be how to handle the commercial storm damage restoration of your business.

The winds and severe rain seen in thunderstorms or hurricanes can cause serious problems for your business. For instance, you may find large chunks of debris on your property, blocking entries, damaging vehicles parked outside, etc.

In addition, the storm may have blown siding and parts of the building’s roof off.

Likewise, the storm could have uprooted trees or utility poles.

Of course, electric systems in your commercial property are vulnerable to shorting during severe thunderstorms, leaving your business without power.

Notwithstanding the above, blizzards are often equally dangerous as hurricanes or thunderstorms. For example, blizzards can leave your employees stuck in the building, unable to fix damage outdoors. Severe winds and heavy snow can cause roof damage. Snow and ice pileup can also break utility lines, leaving your property without electricity.

Furthermore, plummeting temperatures freeze pipes.

Depending on the extent of the storm damage, your best first step will be to contact a commercial business restoration company.

Most of these companies operate 24 hours a day. They can make an emergency response to your home or business.

Indeed, response time is critical to mitigate your damages. In addition, once the restoration company begins the restoration process, you get your business back up and running quickly.

Moreover, additional losses, including vandalism and contents damage, can happen if the property owner does not take immediate action to prevent further damage.

There are several steps the restoration company will take when they arrive at the damaged commercial property:

Assessment of the Damages

The damage restoration services begin with an inspection of your damaged property. From ceiling to basement, technicians will inspect for damage to the structure and contents of your building. They will note the extent of water damage.

Recovery Operation

Whatever items that were not damaged, or were damaged but can be repaired, will be separated. Restoration company technicians will remove items they can’t repair from the property.

Temporary Repairs

If required, the restoration company will place tarps over damaged parts on the building’s roof.

Similarly, if the storm damaged doors or windows, they will board up openings to protect the property from further damage or vandalism.

If there is water damage, the technicians will use large scale, professional grade drying equipment to completely dry out the wet areas. This will help reduce or eliminate mold growth in those areas.

Permanent Repairs

Contractors will replace broker doors and windows. Workers will repair or replace damaged interior walls, ceilings.

Workers will also repair any damage to the roof. Plumbers and electricians will repair damage to the plumbing and electrical systems.

Of course, during the restoration process, the property owner files a damage claim with his insurance company.

Indeed, if a hurricane or blizzard damaged the property, it is likely that other property owners in the area will also file insurance claims. Therefore, file your damage claim immediately to start the claims process.

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