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January 7, 2022

Smoke Property Damage Claims

Smoke Property Damage Claims : Everything You Need To Know

How to File Smoke Property Damage Claims

Unfortunately, if you had a fire at your home or business, the damage may be more extensive than you think. Of course, you will see the visible damage caused by the flames of a home fire. However, fire smoke, smoke soot, ash all can damage your home. In addition, water from firefighting efforts can also cause damages. Indeed,smoke property damage claims can be complicated. Therefore, business owners and homeowners should take the time to read their property insurance policies. This will help them get an idea of the coverage for damages caused in a fire.

What Should You Do if You Have a Smoke Property Damage Claim at Your Home or Business?

Once you safely can, inspect your home or business. Certainly, note the damaged areas of your home or building. In addition, take as many pictures as necessary of damaged property. This includes furniture, carpeting, drapery, etc. Also, make an inventory of damaged personal property such as clothes, appliances, paintings and the like.

Lastly, you should get copies of any police or fire department reports.

Do Not Try Cleaning Up Yourself!

Frequently, the damage in a fire may likely extend well beyond the immediate area of the fire. For instance, if the fire was confined to one room in a house, or one section of a building, smoke, ash and soot probably spread throughout the home or business. Smoke and ash are dangerous!

Contact professional cleaners or a professional smoke removal company. After all, they will have specialized cleaning equipment and personal protection equipment. Therefore, they will be able to safely remove smoke residue, ash damage and soot. In addition, check your policy, but your homeowners’ insurance policy will cover the cost of cleaning up.

Generally speaking, your homeowners’ insurance policy should cover smoke damage to your home from a neighbor’s fire or wildfire smoke.

Filing a Smoke Property Damage Claim

Homes or businesses which have had a fire will file a smoke property damage claim. As soon as you can after the fire, check the declarations page of your policy. It will tell you what damages are covered. In addition, it will tell you the deducible and what limitations there may be.

Importantly, it will also state what time limits there are re: filing the claim.
Contact your insurance company or agent to report the fire as soon. Of course, you don’t want to have a reporting issue.

Dealing with Insurance Company Adjusters and a Smoke Property Damage Claim

Early in the smoke property damage claims process, your insurance company will send an insurance adjuster to your home or business. Of course, his job will be to inspect the damages. Certainly, you should be there while he inspects your property. In addition, take notes of where he goes and what he looks at. Lastly, answer any question he has.

Indeed, the insurance adjuster may be a company adjuster. That means he is a salaried employee of the insurance company.

Or the insurance company may send an “independent” adjuster. The insurance company does not employ an independent adjuster. But independent adjusters only work for insurance companies. Insurance companies pay them a fee. Frequently, insurance companies use independent adjusters for large claims.

For instance, they may also use them if a hurricane or tornado causes damages across many counties or states and the company adjusters need help.

In any event, both company and independent adjusters only work for insurance companies. And they know insurance companies want to pay as little as possible to settle smoke damage property claims.

When Do You Need a Public Adjuster for Smoke Property Damage Claims?

For small smoke property damage claims (under $10,000), you probably do not need a public adjuster.

However, if you have a large smoke property damage claim, a public adjuster can help. As an example, he will make sure the insurance company settles your claim for the full amount of money to which you are entitled. Unlike the company adjusters and independent adjusters, public adjusters only work for property owners.

The state in which they work licenses them. As a matter of fact, many previously worked as adjusters for insurance companies. Therefore, they know how insurance companies handle the property claim process.

Public Adjusters Work for You!

Public adjusters will collect the documents and information you will need to submit to the insurance company with your smoke damage property claim. Additionally, they will coordinate with any contractors to make sure your home or building is properly repaired or rebuilt.

Likewise, public adjusters will also negotiate with the insurance company. As a matter of fact, they will make sure the insurance company pays you the full amount due to you.

And you don’t pay the public adjuster until they settle your claim. Indeed, he gets paid a percentage of your settlement. Typically, that percentage is between 10 and 20 percent of the settlement.

Lastly, a public adjuster will have a free consultation with you to review your claim to let you know how he can help.

If You Need a Public Adjuster for a Smoke Property Damage Insurance Claim Call AllCity Adjusting

The first thing to remember is that we are a family-owned claims company. In addition, we have five decades of combined adjusting experience. As a result, if there’s one thing we understand, it’s that you need 100% of your claim value.

Of course, you have already gone through a tumultuous event. For this reason, get an agency that gets you more.

At AllCity Adjusting we work to ensure you get 100% of your smoke damage claim value. Equally important, with over 50 years of combined adjusting experience, we know insurance companies and understand where they cut corners. Moreover, we help you build a larger claim and maximize your claim value. Lastly, we will get you back to normal fast. Don’t get fooled, get the company that gets you more.

If you have received a low-ball offer from the insurance company or they are taking too long to process your smoke property damage claim, call us at 844.692.3587. Or you can email us at info@allcityadhjusting.com.

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