Written by Nicholas

September 27, 2021

Commercial Cleaning Services Vrs. Fire Restoration Services

Commercial Cleaning Services Vrs. Fire Restoration Services

Indeed, Americans spend most of their waking hours at work. Also, we know from studies that decision-making is more complex for people that suffer a terrible loss due to post-traumatic stress syndrome. Suppose you have suffered a commercial fire and need fire restoration commercial cleaning services. What qualities in a company would you look for. The difference between commercial cleaning and fire commercial cleaning services is vast. In short, we have put together the following guide to help you find the best fire commercial cleaning team in your area.

Commercial Cleaning Services: Are Not Suitable For Fires?

While many businesses use a commercial cleaning service daily, the actual cleaning performed is often minimal, with a quick vacuum and emptying of trash cans. Furthermore, even deep cleans by commercial cleaning companies lack the necessary skills required to assist in cases of fire damage, soot, and smoke odors.

Remember, the cleanup required will be extensive, including furniture and other items that are now saturated with chemicals and smoke. To emphasize, the chemicals sprayed when putting out a fire are unique and need property chemical treatment. Moreover, just assessing the damages to invoice correctly can be difficult for an ordinary commercial cleaning company.

You are probably looking for a company that specializes in damage restoration services or commercial fire damage restoration services.

Fire Restoration Service Vrs. Commercial Cleaning Services

As you know, commercial cleaning companies offer more profound cleaning services as well. For instance, they focus on dirt, dust, and allergens. But they have neither the chemicals nor tools to work on removing deep-rooted soot and smoke damage from your favorite sofa or chairs. The substances required tend to be hazardous, need a quick application and rapid cleanup, and are not carried by most traditional commercial cleaning companies. If you hired a commercial cleaning company, continue reading. You might be in trouble if you didn’t hire a fire damage restoration cleanup company.

Assessing Commercial Cleaning Services

First and foremost, if you have discovered that the cleaning company you hired doesn’t offer fire and water damage restoration services, replace them. Commercial fire cleaning is not for every commercial cleaning company. It is a specialty and falls under fire restoration cleaning services or smoke and soot cleaning services.

Contrarily, It does not fall under janitorial services at all. For instance, a good fire restoration company will have a dedicated fire and water restoration team. Moreover, they will offer fire and smoke cleanup services, in addition to past experience with commercial property cleaning. They will have a working knowledge of how to remove smoke odors and stop additional damages.

How to Find a Commercial Cleaning Fire Company Near You

First, head over to Google.com. Next, combine your “city-name” with “fire restoration commercial cleanup services.” In short, it will look something like this: Crown Point Fire Restoration Commercial Cleanup Services.” You will come across two distinct types of companies. Continue to learn about how to distinguish between mitigation companies and fire restoration companies.

Commercial Cleaning Services: How to Distinguish between Mitigation Companies and Fire Restoration Companies

First, and most importantly, ask the company if they do fire restoration mitigation exclusively. Mitigation companies specialize in fire and water restoration commercial cleaning. But, most importantly, mitigation companies aren’t just cleaning companies; they are trained at mitigating or stopping damages to your property as well.

Alternatively, a fire restoration construction company specializes in construction, not mitigation or cleaning. Be sure to distinguish and communicate your desired intention when talking with the companies you are interviewing. In short, while mitigation companies focus on cleanup and stopping damage, construction focuses on rebuilding.

Don’t get stuck with the wrong commercial cleaning company. Instead, search” [CITY] Fire Restoration Commercial Cleaning” and contact a cleaning company that can genuinely help you with your fire restoration project.

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