Written by Andy Gurczak

August 1, 2021

Vandalism Insurance Claim: What You Should Know

Home Insurance and Vandalism Insurance Claim — Here’s what to Know

Does your homeowners insurance protects you? Many insurance policies protect homes from fire damage, wind and hail.  Surprisingly, most home owners insurance policies cover vandalism?  However, some insurance policies may not. For example, vandalism can include broken lights to a smashed-in mailboxes. In this article, we will take a closer look at vandalism insurance. Moreover, we will discuss the types of coverage and types of vandalism. Furthermore, we will establish what qualifies as vandalism and look at examples of vandalism and mischief.

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What Is a Vandalism Insurance Claim?

Vandalism is the purposeful defacing or destruction of someone else’s property without their consent. Learn to justify your vandalism insurance claim by reviewing the list below.

A List of Common Acts of Vandalism.

  • First, salting or destroying of your lawn.
  • Second, spray painting, painting or drawing on the home;
  • As well as breaking outdoor lights or windows.
  • Also slashing of tires;
  • As well as, tampering with plumbing,
  • And smashing locks and windows.
  • Including the cutting of trees or bushes without your permission.
  • Arson is also a form of vandalism.
  • Likewise, gluing locks
  • Carving or tagging
  • Last but not least, removing signs

Sometime damage is unavoidable or done unintentionally. Mischief is vandalism that is done unintentionally, but may not be covered. Remember, your policy must have mischief coverage.  Sometimes, you will be responsible for your property damage. In fact, if you have been gone from your home more than 30 days, and vandalism occurs, you might have to pay up. With this in mind, there are some forms of vandalism that are clearly covered. For instance, damage inflicted by angry ex-partners is the most common type of vandalism covered by vandalism insurance claim.

Furthermore, vandalism insurance is very important for commercial and public properties. Indeed, empty structures like churches and school are easy targets because vandals know there is a risk of not being caught.  Many churches and schools must cary vandalism insurance because they are common targets. If your business or public building has been vandalized, thenAll City Adjusting can help you maximize your claim.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover a Vandalism Insurance Claim?

Any standard insurance policy covers damage to your home or commercial property. Luckily, a standard insurance policy also covers most incidents of vandalism. However, there may be some circumstances in which you may not be in coverage. For instance, homes vacant more than 30 to 60 days may not be in coverage. Therefore, if your property has been vacant for an extended period of time, you should purchase additional coverage.

Furthermore, standard coverage consists of multiple types of coverage. The three most important include dwelling coverage, other structures coverage, and personal property coverage. First, dwelling coverage will reimburse you for vandalism to your home structure. Meanwhile, “other structures coverage” would cover vandalism damage to any unattached part of your property. Consequently, “other structures coverage” also protects greenhouses, fences, garages, detached patios or dining areas. Furthermore, “other structures coverage” also covers construction materials and supplies related to the other structure. However, coverage for “other structures” is usually set to 10% of your home’s insured value.

Personal property coverage reimburses you for any damaged, destroyed or stolen items. It is usually set to 50% of your dwelling coverage limit. With this in mind, personal property coverage covers all the stuff inside and outside your home, including certain expensive items.  A summary of personal property coverage can be found here: Allcity Personal Property Coverage

All of these coverages work together to protect your home and belongings from vandalism.

What’s Not Covered on a Vandalism Insurance Claim?

Most policies remove coverage for vandalism after a home has been vacant for 30 or 60 days. For this reason, If your home will be vacant for a long period of time you should speak with your agent. Consequently, you may need insurance from a specialty carrier.

Most importantly, your coverage limit depends on how you use your home. For example, if you operate a business from your home, you may not be fully covered in case of vandalism. In short, add a business property endorsement to your coverage for additional protection.

How a Vandalism Insurance Claim Works

Vandalism insurance coverage is more expensive. Why? because vandalism happens a lot; increasing the risk and frequency of loss. Especially for unoccupied properties for certain hours of the day or extended periods of time. In short, get extra coverage for you home business; furthermore, don’t leave your property unattended for long periods of time. Finally, get additional coverage.

What Should You Do If Your Home Has Been Vandalized?

If you are a victim to vandalism, you’ll want to follow the below steps to get the most out your insurance claim:

Vandalism Insurance Claim Police Report

First, Call the Police Before Filing Your Vandalism Insurance Claim!

Remember, vandalism is a crime and you must report the incident to the police. In short, call the police. While waiting, don’t touch or move anything. Then, make sure you file an extensive police report since you’ll likely need it in order to file a claim.

Second, Mitigate Damage and Gather Evidence for Your Vandalism Insurance Claim.

First, secure the premise to avoid further damage. For example, you might have to board up a broken window. Second, make a list of everything damaged. From home structure to personal property. Last but certainly not least, take as many photos or videos of the damage as you can.

Then, File Your Vandalism Insurance Claim.

First, contact your insurance company. In fact, you should contact the claims department. If they are not around, then contact your insurance agent. They will then take a full statement and verify your insurance coverage. If emergency repairs are necessary, then they will advise you to get a contractor. Moreover, your insurance agent will inform you of the claims process. Next, they will direct you to fill out lots of paperwork. With this in mind, don’t hang up without getting a claim number. Lastly, keep your claims number close because you will need it later.

Your Vandalism Insurance Claim Will Be Assigned To a Claims Advisors.

Your insurance claim advisor will assist you throughout your claim. However, this process can be difficult and cumbersome. If you need help, then contact AllCity Adjusting for assistance.

After, Your Insurer Will Assess the Damage of Your Vandalism Insurance Claim.

Building Damage

Your insurer will send an insurance adjuster to review your claim. They will assess the damage and estimate repair costs. Sometimes those costs are very low. Indeed, at times they don’t cover the entire cost. It’s always a good idea to get your own estimates. AllCity can help you negotiate a fairer settlement. If you have been denied or low balled contact us immediately.

Destroyed Property

If your property was damaged, then send your claims advisor a list of the destroyed property. Secondly, be sure to send an estimate for repairs or replacement. Furthermore, make sure to send over proof of ownership of damaged property. Here is a list of qualifying documentation: receipts, photos, user manuals, warranties, original packaging or bank or credit card statements.

Later, Repairs and Replacement Process of Your Vandalism Insurance Claim Will Begin

Building Damage

As soon as your insurance agent receives the necessary information, he will analyze your claim and come up with a settlement. If you and your insurer both agree with your settlement amount, you will then get authorization to start repairs.

Destroyed Property

In case of personal property, your insurer will analyze your claim once he or she has the required information and then contact you to arrange the settlement. Vandalism Insurance Claim Payment

Afterwards, Your Insurer Will Issue Payment of Your Vandalism Insurance Claim

Building Damage

The payment process usually differs from insurer to insurer. So you’ll likely have to contact your insurance company for this one. Your claims advisor will explain how payment will be made and will issue a check for the amount of the damage. Before you close your claim, make sure you’re satisfied with the repairs and contact your claims advisor if you have any questions.

Destroyed Property

Your claims advisor will issue payment according to the basis of settlement set out in your insurance policy.

Finally, You Get to Close your Vandalism Insurance Claim

Once your insurer completes all payments, your claim will be closed. If further damage arises from this particular claim, you might be able to reopen your case.

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How to Handle a Commercial Large Loss Restoration

If water, fire or a storm has severely damaged your business, you need help. Dealing with a large-scale catastrophe by yourself is not the way to go. Filing a commercial large loss restoration claim will take time, effort and patience.
Therefore, you should hire a public adjuster so that your insurance company pays you every dollar to which you are entitled.
You will also need a restoration company to immediately respond to your business. In fact, most good ones are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition, they will make an emergency response to begin the restoration process.
There are several procedures restoration services companies go through when responding to a commercial property damage incident.

Problems Homeowners Have After Filing an Insurance Claim

Problems Homeowners Have After Filing an Insurance Claim

Unfortunately, fires, hurricanes, or other natural disasters can do serious damage to a home. Certainly, most people have homeowners’ insurance in case of property damage. Of course, they will file an insurance claim under their home insurance policy. However, often there are problems homeowners have after filing an insurance claim.

Fire Damage Insurance Claim Is Denied

Fire Damage Insurance Claim Is Denied

Of course, having a fire in your home can be terrifying for the homeowners and their families. The amount of damage to the property insured, personal property lost and the seeing soot, smoke, and burned walls will traumatize the entire family. Certainly, as the property owner, you will file a fire insurance claim with your homeowners’ insurance company. However, what do you do if all or part of your fire damage insurance claim is denied?

Deal with Home Insurance Claim Adjusters

If a storm, fire or other natural disaster damages your home, you first want to make sure everyone in your family is safe. After that, you will survey the damage. If it is more than very minor, you will probably file a homeowners’ insurance claim. Therefore, it will be helpful to know how to deal with a home insurance claims adjuster.You should file an insurance claim as soon as possible to start the claims process. Certainly, the sooner you file a claim, the sooner you can get your insurance settlement.After you file a claim, an adjuster working for the insurance company will come to inspect the damage to your home. Insurance claim adjusters may work directly for the insurance company. Or they may be independent adjusters.However, don’t be fooled. Independent adjusters only work for insurance companies as independent contractors.As such, they are looking to settle your claim quickly and cheaply. Insurance companies are not in the business of simply paying money to insureds. Consequently, company and independent adjusters know that and act accordingly. The insurance adjuster evaluates your property, collects evidence on the extent of the damage and rules on your claim.

Understanding the Insurance Claims Process

Understanding the Insurance Claims Process

There are few events more traumatic to homeowners than having a fire in their homes. Fire damaged homes can mean flame and heat damage and smoke and soot throughout the house. Additionally, water damage from the efforts to put out the fire appears on the walls, soaked furniture, and water-logged carpeting. Unfortunately, if the damage is extensive, you will have to decide whether to rebuild or replace your home after the fire.

Estimating Fire Damage and Restoration Costs

Estimating Fire Damage and Restoration Costs

There are few events more traumatic to homeowners than having a fire in their homes. Fire damaged homes can mean flame and heat damage and smoke and soot throughout the house. Additionally, water damage from the efforts to put out the fire appears on the walls, soaked furniture, and water-logged carpeting. Unfortunately, if the damage is extensive, you will have to decide whether to rebuild or replace your home after the fire.

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